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Top 5 Folding Fitted Sheets

Top 5 Folding Fitted Sheets

Folding Fitted Sheets

Using strong and durable fabric, our folding fitted sheets are expertly crafted. Fits mattresses with 15" pocket depths all around.

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in providing the highest quality and most luxurious folding bottom sheet items for home & bed products in the industry. After our unremitting efforts, we know what is necessary to provide a reliable folding fitted sheets set that can be washed and used over and over again.

Folding fitted sheets can be a daunting task, but with a little practice and patience, it can become a breeze. To start, make sure the sheet is inside out and hold it by the two corners of one of the shorter edges. Then, fold the sheet in half, tucking one corner into the other to create a pocket. Next, take the two adjacent corners and tuck them into the pocket. Lastly, smooth out any wrinkles and fold the sheet into thirds. Voila, an easy-fold fitted sheet! Don’t forget to repeat the same steps for folding the bottom sheet. With a little practice, you’ll be a pro at folding fitted sheets in no time.

The Utopia Bedding Queen Fitted Sheets are an excellent choice for anyone looking for soft, comfortable, and affordable bedding. The sheets fit snugly over the mattress, and the fold-over design keeps them in place. The sheets are also easy to care for, making them a great option for everyday use.

Product information

Color                           White
Material                      Microfiber
Size                              Queen
Fabric Type                100% Polyester
Pattern                        Solid                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Dimensions               80″L x 60″W
Brand                          Utopia Bedding
Thread Count            100
Care Instructions      Machine Wash, Hand                                          Wash
Item Weight               1.63 pounds
Manufacturer            Utopia Bedding

The Cot Size Easy Fold Fitted Sheet is perfect for RV bunk beds. Made from soft stretch jersey knit, the sheet provides a comfortable and snug fit. Its easy fold design makes it easy to store and transport. A must-have for any RV owner looking for a hassle-free bedding solution.

Product information

Color                                 Dark Gray
Material                            Microfiber/Spandex
Size                                    Bunk/Cot Twin
Fabric Type                     Jersey
Pattern                              Solid
Product Dimensions      72″L x 28″W
Brand                                 N&Y HOME
Care Instructions            Machine Wash
Number of Pieces           1
Product Dimensions     72 x 28 x 0.04 inches
Item Weight                     15.2 ounces
Manufacturer                  N&Y HOME

The NTBAY 100% Brushed Microfiber Twin Fitted Sheet is soft, durable, and fits perfectly on a twin-sized mattress. The microfiber material is easy to care for and doesn’t wrinkle easily. The sheet comes in a variety of colors, making it easy to match with any bedroom decor. Highly recommended!

Product information

Color                               Aqua
Material                          Microfiber
Size                                  Twin
Fabric Type                    Microfiber
Pattern                           Solid
Dimensions                   75″L x 39″W
Brand                              NTBAY
Thread Count                1800
Care Instructions          Machine Wash
Number of Pieces          1
Dimensions                     75 x 39 x 15 inches
Item Weight                    1.15 pounds
Manufacturer                  NTBAY

The Premium Hotel Quality 1-Piece folding fitted sheet is a luxurious addition to any bedding collection. The 1500 thread count provides a soft and comfortable sleep experience. The folding design ensures easy storage and convenience. Highly recommended for those seeking the ultimate in comfort and quality.

Product information

Color                          Black
Material                     Microfiber
Size                             King
Fabric Type               Microfiber
Pattern                       Fitted Sheet
Dimensions              80″L x 78″W
Brand                         Elegant Comfort
Thread Count          1500
Care Instructions    Machine Wash, Tumble                                       Dry, Iron if Needed
Number of Pieces     1
Item Weight               1 pound
Manufacturer            Elegant Comfort

The Satin Fitted Sheet is a luxurious addition to any bedding collection. The Full size, grey color, and ultra-soft material make for a comfortable sleeping experience. The deep pocket design ensures a secure fit on the mattress, while the silk bottom adds a touch of elegance. Overall, a great investment for a cozy and stylish bedroom.

Product information

Color                              Dark Grey
Material                         Woven Polyester 
Size                                 Full-Fitted Sheet Only
Fabric Type                   Silky, satin
Pattern                           Solid
Dimensions                  75″L x 54″W
Brand                             Luxbedding
Thread Count               600
Fabric Weight              85 Grams Square Meter
Care Instructions        Machine Wash
Number of Pieces        1
Item Weight                  14.9 ounces
Manufacturer               Luxbedding

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